I am Jack's Salvation

Then there was the time when Fight Club truly was my Bible.

I was married to a vampire who was addicted to morphine.

Vampire in the blood drinking, biting of flesh kind of vampire. I still have the scars if you want to see them. 

It finally come to a point where I had enough and decided to divorce her. 

It was a painful and tragic event that I knew was necessary less she pull me further down into hell with her but in the end created its own hell within me instead.

I became splintered.

Fight Club had just opened a year or two earlier.

 It was a revelation to me on levels I cannot even explain at this point. My salvation, my absolution and my sanity was found in that film and in the pages of the book. I became Fight Club as a necessary spiritual preservation.

I began to wake up each morning to a black eye, blood packed nose, cut lip, bruised cheek or swollen ear.  The pain became me and gave me a sense that I was paying for my sins and thus releasing me.

In the truest form of Fight Club it began by fighting myself. Self inflicted and vicious. Until I found another broken soul just as willing to break one of my ribs I was.

Eventually all things pass and wounds heal both physically and spiritually.

I will however, always know that the gospels of Chuck Palahniuk saved my soul.