Hesitation Marks

A little background.

During the last quarter of a century creating fine art I have grabbed hold of soundtracks to paint by.  I have always loved film sound tracks because theyare meant   to evoke mood.  I spent a year painting almost exclusively to the Fight Club and Lost Highway soundtracks.

However, Trent Reznor and I seem to be walking parallel  paths.

I found Pretty Little Hate Machine in a used CD bin in late 1989. Someone must not have liked it.

It felt like what I was expressing on canvas at the time.  It drove me and inspired me.

Then Downward Spiral came out.  I was dealing with a disastrous relationship at the time, early 90,s, and was developing the Dark Work series in reaction to the feelings of restraint and suffocation. Downward Spiral was my muse.

During the preparation and execution of the Flesh and Blood series, With Teeth seemed to mirror my feelings to a T.

Perhaps it is that Trent and I are both creatives at the same age dealing with life with a similar aesthetic.  Whatever the connection it is visceral.

Now as I gear up for the next series NIN's long awaited next album Hesitation Marks is coming out. 

I am looking forward to seeing what Trent and I can create together.


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