"The Hurting Man"


Drew Daywalt, for those of you who do not know, has been making horror into a true art form for years now through his Daywalt Fear Factory.  With many shorts, TV and film under his belt he keeps one uping himself with each project. 

I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Drew on two past projects, the yet to be released "Mama's Baby" and the SyFy's"Red Clover".


 Now Drew has announced that has signed a deal with producer Eric B. Fleischman of EBF Productions (Ritual, Two-Bit Waltz) to direct The Hurting Man, a supernatural horror feature based on his own original screenplay. Another genre luminary, Larry Fessenden (Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter) will serve as Executive Producer on the film.

What I love and respect about Drew's work is the origins of his art.  The man digs deep inside and thus allows the viewers to face their own fears.  One of many things that make his works so effective! And the man can entertain you along with the flesh creeping scares!!!

Keep an eye on Drew, my gut is that his star will continue to rise due to shear guts, determination, originality, vision and one twisted mind.

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