A Long Sleep

Hello My long suffering followers!

Yes, more than a year since last I blogged.  Time do fly when having this much fun.

So, what have I been up to since Sept of last year? 

Remains was abandoned.  It was in direct response to my step mother's passing from cancer.  Once the wounds started to heal the need to destroy things I held dear began to dissipate and thus without meaning it no longer made sense.

The last part of the 2011 and early 2012 was spent working with one of my favorite directors and all around scary guy Drew Daywalt.  I had a blast working with him again.

Now the thing I am really waiting to see is "Mama's Baby" written and directed by Drew, musical score by another one of my favorite guys Kevin Riepl.  Kevin is extremely talented and if you have played any kind of Vid-games you have heard his work.  "Mama's Baby" has been in the can (can you still say that in the digital era?) for 2 years now.  Drew has had more than a couple of plates full during this time and I believe he and his team are working on pick up shots and the final edit.  From what I have seen so far this will be a real creeper especially with the blow out no holds bared performance with actor Shannon Lark.  I am just DIEING to see the final piece!  More as I get it from Drew.

Then there is the solo exhibition at Bert Green Fine Art formally of LA and now in my home town of Chicago.  No date set yet but Bert and I are working on it.  After loosing more than my far share of blood and skin on the last solo with him I am an little nervous about this upcoming one;)

All for now but Daddy promises to be more blogger like going forward.


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