One and One Half years later

It has been a year and a half from the opening of "Flesh and Blood."

Two books and one biography on the way later, I would say that it has been a full year.  My vials are stored, the paintings are being burned, and soon all that I labored for, for a year or more will become ashes.

All as it should.

In the end I want nothing left undamaged. 

As in life so shall it be in art.


Burning of "Cigarette Burns"

This was a sad event so I surrounded myself with friends and we drank wine and ate.  We laughed and talked until night began to fall and I torched one of my favorite works from the "Flesh and Blood" series.

The video and music a were done by a friend of mine.


The Beginning of the Burnings

In a continuation of a theame started during the "Flesh and Blood" Series I will burn one of my works each week for the next year and video the act then post here and on YouTube.

The first was "Rager" I am working on the act vs video, should improve as the number of works destroyed begin to mount.


ARTsync Magazine

It has been a long time coming but worth the wait.  I will have an 18 page interview and front cover.