"Blood of Heroes"

This is my new favorite CD.  Lovely, in a thrash post industrial way..........."Blood of Heroes"


"Fire Mass" Magazine

"Fire Mass" Magazine now on sale

I am in the first issue of Fire Mass Magazine by Spiritcage along with Clive Barker, Chet Zar, Drew Daywalt and many others.  Go here to order a copy.


"Flesh and Blood" Shots

Some great shots of the show from Kevin Riepl, music man extraordinaire at Flicker go Here 


Rhythm and Hues Studios

Just wanted to say "Hello" to my followers at Rhythm and Hues Studios! 


After all the work that went into the installation work it all comes down now.  If anyone is interested in the scape metal from the installation, contact Bert Green at http://www.bgfa.us/.


Draw Exhibition

I will be part of the ongoing DRAW touring exhibition at the Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City from June - July 2010. DRAW which features such artists as Alex Grey, HR Giger, Clive Barker, Richard Serra, and David Byrne curated by Erik Foss of Fuse Gallery in New York City in conjunction with Curse Mackey. The show began touring in 2006.

This will be the first time I have ever shown a drawing.   DRAW exhibition will be at the museum in Mexico and will continue with the tour afterwards.


Last Week

We are now into the last week of "Flesh and Blood" at Bert Green Fine Art in Downtown Los Angeles.  The last chance to tear out and keep a page or two from my personal journals that I have kept for the last 15 years.

Help me destroy.



Although this is still in the "wet paint" stage, I have a fabulous co-author and publishing company for my autobiography.  More information as things develop.



I was invited to partisapate in Draw through Fuse gallery in New York. in Draw through Fuse gallery in New York.

Go to the Fuse website for more info: http://www.fusegallerynyc.com/DrawTour/tour.html


Disdeinen Interview

Bart Adrian at disdeinen.net interviewed me in relation to "Flesh and Blood."  Check it out at http://www.disdeinen.net/.


More "Flesh and Blood"

My agent Les Barany hooked me up with a friend of his who also happens to be a world class photographer.  Robin Perine took this and other shots I will be adding in the near future.  Check her out.