Adjusting to Normal

I have to tell you I miss having my blood drawn every week and the pain from scraping my body to fill little vials.  My blood inlets have stop itching and my arms and legs are almost totally healed except for the permanent scars I will wear as a reminder of this period.

It did however, created a connection to my body that I have never known before.  A feeling far beyond anything I got from the gyms.

And yes, I know what this sounds like.  It is not.


Makes You Think......

Just received this in an email from my gallery, Bert Green Fine Art.
"A woman came into the gallery with a friend today, made their way back to the table, and the very first book she picked up from the table, which was open, as she tore out the page, noticed among the lines here own name."



Seems I have a few visitors from Wired Magazine's Underwire blog by Hugh Hart.

I welcome you to view beyond the sensational aspects and see the installation work as one component of the overall series that is "Flesh and Blood."

The human form made of the blood and flesh are secondary and witness to the destruction of my journals.  The viewers participation in their destruction is much more meaningful and powerful than the self sacrifice that was needed for the piece.

I also invite you to view the series in it's totality at Bert Green Fine Art at http://www.bgfa.us/.  There you will find the entire "Flesh and Blood" collection of paintings.

The work was very personal and painful far beyond the physical aspects of preparation.  I hope you take the time to look.



Parts of My Life Torn Out Page by Page

Blood Easy

I thought this was pertainant to the the appreciation of the installation work "Flesh and Blood."


Post Opening

I want to thank everyone that came out for the opening Wednesday and for the ArtWalk Thursday.  It was wonderful meeting you all and I hope you enjoy having a small piece of me, namely a page or two from my journals.

The show came together right on time and the installation work was exactly as I first sketched it.  I could not be more pleased.
The show will be up until April 25th.  If you grab a page from my journals I would love to hear about it.  Email me at jua@johnua.com.