Final Week

Now going into the final week before the show not much left to do.  All the artwork except 3 works which I will be bringing with me have been shipped to the gallery.  Really all that is left is one last blood letting which will finish the prepatory work for the installation piece. I have gone through each and every journal you, my dear viewers, will be tearing apart. One last visit to the person I was before he is committed to the ashes.

I am ready for the conclusion of this series.

Show time.

*(As a side note: To those that will be at the opening, please keep in mind that upon opening night, I will more than likely have worked until dawn completing the installation work the night before and I will be a quart or two low blood wise.)


ImagineFX Issue #55

Confirmed!  I will be featured in issue 55 of ImagineFX magazine due out around the end of March in the US and other countries, March 9th in the UK.



A proper scan of "Scribe", oils on gessoed print paper, "22.5X25", 2010 now available at Bert Green Fine Art, http://www.bgfa.us/


A Pound of Flesh

Shipping this week.

Still waiting to see if it is safe (relatively) to draw more blood.

Working on harvesting flesh in larger amounts.  I have had to get more creative with the flesh harvesting since I have exhausted most of my easy takes.  Now on to more vulnerable areas.  Have to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants which is not a problem since it is still cool weather.  Makes you very aware of your outer shell when almost all of it catches on cloths. Like having velcro for skin or having rope burns over 3/4 of your body.  Showers are are a lot of fun right now.



Since I have been advised by my med team to halt the blood letting for now, I turn to harvesting flesh, and watching Lawrence of Arabia


"Scribe" Working Title

Just finished this one last night (this morning 2:00 am-ish).  The working title is "Scribe" but subject to change.  Oils on gessoed print paper, "22X15" 2010


One year's work is now over.  Just finished the last painting of the "Flesh and Blood" series.

Always strange to finish a series.  You know you will never live in that world again.  Maybe something close but not the same.  It was you for a moment in time and then you move on.  You grow or die or find new inspiration but you are never that point in your life again.

Little deaths.


Last Night

We lost track of the number of syringes so we drew allot more blood than intended.  Luckily I brought extra vials.  130 vials, good haul! 



You have no idea how long it takes to fill just one little vial with flesh.  I only have about 60 more to go before I reach goal.  26 days before I take off for LA.  Packing up as I go.  One of these nights I have to go over all the journals, all 6,600 pages.  One last look before they are all destroyed.


Tonights Draw

We are upping the amount of blood we draw each session and doing double sessions each week.  That makes 500cc taken each week until March.


Packing It All Up

Final days.  Stringing all the vials with monofilament and packing then up for LA.



Tools of the trade, all ready to harvest flesh.


"Desecrated Angel"

"Desecrated Angel" has sold.