Too tired.

The last painting is sketched and awaiting paint.  Working title "Baggage."  Harvest flesh instead.  My blood guy got sick so missed Monday's blood letting.  Only means I will have to play catch up, increase the number of lettings or shorten the amount of time in between them.  Whatever it takes.  I first thought that I would need about 200 vials to make my "bottle man."  Once I figured the cubic inches of an average human body and translated that to vials with allowance for the space between it came to more like 1000 vials.  That is a little bit of a difference.  There is the addition of the vials of flesh but due to the laborious and VEERRRRYY slow nature of collecting skin I will probably only have about 100 vials of flesh compared to about 900 vials of blood.  Then I will have to string them and pack them for shipment to LA.  The day before the opening will be the first day all the components will be assembled together: 900 vials of blood, 100 vials of flesh, 30-220 pg journals and a whole lot of steel and wood.  Still looking for someone to film the installation work.  Love to have them shoot the assemblage as well.

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