Left a Mark

Thank you Trent, I can always count on you for inspiration. "Left a Mark" makes so much sense to me right now.

"The Wretched" Done

Done, although still a crap camera shot not a proper scan. That later when dry.
oils on gessoed print paper


The Wretched Day 4

A good example of an underpainting and an over glazed figure side by side. Shows how I achieve flesh tone.



Had my first drawing of blood today for the installation piece "Flesh and Blood." About 120 cc which equaled about 52 small vials. Only have about 250 more vials which means about 600 cc more. The metal fabricator contacted me to approval for the final figures so all seems to be working out and on schedule. Getting this beast back to LA will be another matter.


The installation work "Flesh and Blood" will consist of journals 28 and my flesh and blood, 300 vials in all. The journals shown here are in approx. formation as on the table portion of the work.


"The Wretched" Day 3

Working shadows a little. Background under painting in. Will go for a cracked concrete, rust and lime stream marks coming down look.


Long Day

Still working on the article for 2D Artist Magazine. Deadline Friday. Just sent all the images, re-scanned, color corrected and cleaned. Should be good, due out in Dec.


"Fly" Done and Scanned

Finished and with proper scan. "Fly" "10X10" oils on gessoed print paper, 2009. Now available through Bert Green Fine Art.


"Wretched" Day 2

"The Wretched" day 2. Still working on the under painting. The back ground will make or break this one.


My Favorite Quote Regarding F&B

"Takes some guts to give full expression to your darkest imaginings (unless your darkest imagings are darker still). Having said that your recent output seems a bit brighter and jollier than suff you were doing a while back. Its like your characters have resigned themselves to being stuck in hell, and have decided to swagger around and enjoy themselves anyway."

Start of "The Wretched"

Start of "The Wretched"



Just finished "Fly" so it's wet and not scanned. This is just a quick shot with the hand held camera of questionable quality.


3:01 am

Just finished day one of work on "The Wretched".

"Fly on the Wall" is drying. Should be able to do over glazes in a day or two.

For the record, "The Wretched" is the piece that looked back at me. The first work that truly scared me.


"I Love This Shot..

From the "Damned II" show, thank you Adam and Les!


Abort Magazine

Look for me in upcoming stuff from ABORT magazine. I will keep you posted.

"113" Scanned, not just a Quick Photo

oils on gessoed print paper
Now available through Bert Green Fine Art.


"113" Done

oils on gessoed print paper