"113" WIP

Hand held camera at 2:00am Under painting mind you.



I will be a part of the DAMNED II show in Detroit on the 29th. Along with Marilyn Manson, HR Giger and about 140 or so additional artists from all over the world. It should be on HELL of a bast as well as some fiendish art!


Peter Romberg

As you may or may not know, I rarely stray from topic here on this blog but I am compelled to do so now.

Peter Romberg has his second solo show at Bert Green Fine Art in Los Angeles until the 24th of this month. I LOVE his work and encourage anyone within driving distance to check out his work. Style and content wise he hit me dead on.
It is the LAST few days of the show.

"Pin Cushion "Working Title) WIP

Second night on this little guy. They say the problem child is the brightest.


"Pin Cushion" (Working Title)

Just started work on this one last night. This is the pre-sketch.


Bert Green Fine Art

I have been going on and on about the work but I need to step back and direct your attention to Bert Green Fine Art in Los Angeles, CA. Bert Has championed my work for a long time and without him this show would not have happened. There you will find all the work to this show and if you are so inclined, can pre-purchase ahead of the opening. Simply contact him for more details


"Mother Issues" Scanned

All done, done.
"Mother Issues" oils on wood panel "14 1/8X18 1/8" 2009

Home Stretch, 5 (4 really) Months to Go


Not a worry.

I will have enough work. Kicking into high gear on that front. The only thing that is not started yet is the blood drawing and I need a lot of blood drawn. That is the only part of this show that I get edgy about.



I have been painting for over 20 years.

In all those years I have done a few works that I believed were as close as I could come to what I wanted to evoke. I can say with all honesty and humility that this last work I have prepped is the first time a piece has looked back at me and has given me the willies. I suppose it is because this mirror reflects very darkly. Shit.

As mentioned, this is a painting that I have in cue and won't be finished for awhile.



2D Artist Magazine

I will have an article in 2D Artist Magazine this December featuring my sketch work.

New Work

I was given some assistance this week so I was able to JAM in studio. Lined up a bunch of new work. Looks like I am still behind schedule and it would appear that 25 paintings and one installation is what I will have available for the show. Unless I am able to pull the proverbial monkey out of my ass. Which I have been known to do.


"Mother Issues" Done!

I finally finished this beast. Perhaps the subject hindered my progress. Humm.....
Taken quickly with a camera, not a scan. I will scan once dry.


ImagineFX Magazine Update

Just got word from the editors at ImageFX Magazine that I will be in issue 54, going on sale 9 Feb in the UK and 2/3 weeks later in the rest of the world.

I LOVE this mag and was blown away when then they contacted me to be a featured artist.


Proposed Changes to Mom

Mom needed to change direction and this is the proposed direction I will take.