I am Jack's Self Loathing

"Mother" Day 6

Keep in mind that this is all an under painting.
Over this I will apply multiple layers of glazes. That is why the colors seem off. The purples are meant to be seen through a glaze of Burnt Sienna, the background awash in umbers and blues. Details lines added, reflective colors added and strong highlights as well. Still a ways to go.


"Mother Issues" (Working Title) Day 3

Day 3. Fu*^ing tired as hell!
The definition of passion, however, is doing what compels you beyond your physical and mental limitations. True this.


"Mother Issues" (Working Title) Day 2

This will be the under painting. I will add glazes, anywhere from 2 to 4 layers over the figure and the background which as you see is always done last.


1:20 am "Mother Issues"

"Mother Issues" Started..........



"Puddle" Oils on wood panel, 2009



Just completed "Puddle" the second "head" piece and the last. Moving on to "Mother Issues."

On another front, the vast amount of my own blood needed for the center installment piece has been a problem until now. Now I have all the parts.


"Dead Weight"

5X7 Oils on gessoed wood panel. 2009



Sketch for the next painting