Dead Weight

1:38 am, just finished work on "Dead Weight." Taken from one of my Head Sketches. One more head painting then off to other subjects.



2:32 am Just finished on the first of a small series in a series.

"Decapitated Heads"

Have to say that a fat corpulant lifeless head sitting in a pool of coagulating blood fits me perfectly right now.


"Damage" Complete

"Damage" oils on gessoed print paper, 15X22 approx. 2009


New Blood

As I put "Damage" on the drying racks, I realized that this was the transition piece to the "Blood" side of the "Flesh and Blood" series. Let it rain....


"Damage" 2:12 am

The "Damage" is done.

Just have to put the brushed down and walk away. I could keep messing with it but at some point a good artist knows when to just drop the brushes and walk away. The background was totally revamped. The product of another right on crit by my wife. She is the best critic I have ever had. She doesn't let me take the easy way and above all else, challenges me to look beyond my comfort zone. Brilliant!


1:48 am

"Damage" is almost completed, thank god! It has taken the longest of all but all that is left is one small corner I just couldn't get to tonight. Then over glaze the figure. What then? ...........I am not sure. I want to take more chances and go a little bit further. That and I have to start cutting as I have given up on finding a blood drawing center that is willing to do it. Too many laws are preventing a trained professional from giving me my own blood...200 bottles to fill by hang date means at this point I would have to fill 8 bottles a week. Ouch.


3:15 am

More work on "Damage". Going slloooww but well. Have to get to work on the "Damned Show" and the "New York City Horror Film Festival" art show. shit.........


ImagineFX Magazine

The fine folks at ImagineFX Magazine will have a feature of my work in an upcoming issue. As soon as I know I will pass along release dates.