"At the Altar of Needles"

2:24 am and just finished painting for the night.

A still cool summer night, listening to Trent's "Ghosts" collection (look under NIN). The working title went from "strung" to "At the Altar of Needles" The work is beginning to frighten me. That is a good thing in my world. It means I am getting close to the heart of all this. It also means that there is much danger in the path I have just taken. People can get hurt here........


"Cigarette Burns"

The latest that is dry at any rate. "Cigarette Burns" oils on gessoed print paper "15 1/8X22 1/2" 2009


Digital Painters Book Now Out!

The fine folks at Artsquared have just released the long awaited "Digital Painters" of which I am a part of. "Sarcophagus" and "Demon Driver" are included amongst many others.

Early Night Tonight

Shorter night but very productive.

Since the latest image will be a few days in the dying process before I can scan it, I thought I would post the first VERY rough sketch of the installation piece "Flesh and Blood"


2:20 am

I just finished "Cigarette Burns" with some great crit from my wife! Love her eye! Started the next in the series "Strung" or "High Strung" or something I haven't thought of yet.

I have also started to rough out the center piece to the show entitled "Flesh and Blood" a mixed media installation work comprised of over 100 bottles of blood, flesh, teeth, hair and the like from my body, 30 journals (the last 15 years of 220 page hand written journals) that the public is invited to destroy page by page (for a fee of course).

Well the last week changed everything, I can't wait to see what the next 8 months will bring.....


One Hell of a Week

What a difference a week makes.

Two people I care about lost their spouses over the last week. Tragic and sudden, one violently.

One Sunday I was laid off. Things were already hard and now with a toddler even more so. Its been a hell of a week.


"In the Theater of Teeth"

Finished this the other night. Oils on gessoed print paper 15X22 2009


2:50 am

Just finished up tonight's labors.

Started a new piece entitled "Cigarette Burns" and I believe this will be the piece where others will say that things finally came together. I have reached the point where the studies are over and the maturated works are being formed.


Osaka Popstar "Devil Dog" Book

Yet another side note.

Last year I took on a fun project and added my voice to Osaka Popstar's Devil Dog Show. Curated by John Cafiero, the Devil Dog show will soon be documented in the upcoming "Devil Dog" book. You can check Osaka Popstar's site for more information.


"Strung" Sketch

So bloody tired I can't keep my eyes focused but got this out.

Now I am going to bed...


"In the Theater of Teeth"

Since it is 2:37 in the morning and my wife is asleep and my journal is in the bedroom and I don't want to wake her and I have to get this down, I thought I would do it here.

I have been working on a piece for a couple of weeks now. I could not come up with a proper title until now. I had the two main figures down but I did not have the background until tonight. I cleaned up, put everything away, turned around to look at the piece and I thought "In the Theater of Teeth."

I will post when it is done.


Tonight's Labors

It is about being broken, hollow and empty.