This is off subject but relevant as it speaks to the work I was doing last year before I dove into the current body of work.
Here are a few books that are either available now or you can pre-order.
Let's start with "Carnivora." I was asked to contribute to this fantastic collection of artists by Les Barany who now acts as my agent, mentor and friend. He is responsible for breaking my dry spell with the invitation to add my voice to "Carnivora" The Dark Art of Automobiles. Through Baranybooks and Scapegoat Publishers.

Next is "Device" Volume 1 Fantastic Contraption through IDW Publishers. This is another project that Les turned me onto. The Device Gallery in Southern California where the show this book showcases is unbelievable and should not be missed if you find yourself in the area.
"Gothic Art Now" from Collins Designs showcases work from my "Icon" series, Hardcover.
And last "Digital Painters" through Rage Publishing and Artsquarded showcases digital paintings I did in Photoshop. This book will be out later in the year but available for pre-order now.
So here are the links to order:

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