Another Sketch

Another sketch from my sketch book, which is falling apart.....


"Scar Tissue"

Just finished drying. The latest entitled "Scar Tissue" is 15X22 1/2, oils on gessoed print paper, 2009


"Cliteral Smile"

oils on board, 5X7 2009

First Paintings-Torso Studies

"Desecrated Angel" was the first painting I did after a very long absence from painting. It was a destruction of my previous work and representative of the emptiness I felt at the time. It was a preview of the vocabulary that was developing for the "Flesh and Blood" series. Sort of a series within a series, they are all torso studies and meant to be basic because I wanted to allow my work to develop more before taking on major works. Painted on gessoed print paper and done on a much smaller scale than before.

"Bathroom" was the first work that headed in the direction I wanted. A clear reversal of the work of the past. I turned all my old hallmarks of sensual heroic figures on their heads and boiled the figure down to an abstract of feeling.

"Flesh and Blood" Solo Show at Bert Green Fine Art

It is one year almost to the date that I will have my first solo show in exactly ten years so I thought I would put together this blog to let my fans see the development of the show.

It has been a long hard road since my show at Bert Green fine art in 2000. Personally, I went through divorce, marriage, death of my sister and the birth of my son. A total restructuring of life and now fit my painting into the late hours of the night. Existing off of about 4 hours of sleep. All these factors are playing into the work. The title reflects this. "Flesh and Blood" has obvious religious connotations yet it is the corporeal that I am concentrating on. Middle age, body starting to show signs of decline, the loss of my only sibling, the wondrous birth of my son (against all the odds I should mention) and of course my own mortality are all wrapped up in the work that is starting to emerge from my studio.

I will post pages from my sketch book, new work and other musings regarding the progress and one year journey of the show. I hope it brings a more insight to the creative process.

John U. Abrahamson